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We offer simultaneous, consecutive, conversation or whisper interpreting.

What is the difference between the various interpreting forms?

Simultaneous interpreting: Source and target text are produced nearly simultaneously. The interpreter listens to the source text and immediately starts interpreting.

Whisper interpreting or chuchotage is a type of simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter either is seated between the customer(s) and in turn whispers to them the interpretation of the spoken word or uses a mobile interpreting equipment. A mobile interpreting equipment consists of one or more microphones and of any number of receivers (usually headphones).

Consecutive interpreting: As the name suggests, consecutive interpreting means that the interpretation is carried out consecutively, meaning delayed in time. The interpreter listens to the source text, takes notes if needed and then interprets the spoken word. Liaison interpreting is a type of consecutive interpreting. The interpreter provides an interpretation between two interlocutors into and from both languages, for example for interviews or before authorities.

We interpret for you on the following occasions:

  • Before the registry office
  • Appointments with a notary
  • Appointments with an attorney-at-law
  • Business meetings of any kind
  • Trials before the court or administrative authorities as well as before other institutions