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Economy & finance

Due to international business relationships in this interconnected and globalized world, the need for documents in different languages is not uncommon for companies operating on a global scale. We regularly translate for small, medium-sized and large companies as well as for insurance companies and financial institutions.

Such texts show a characteristic linguistic design and also require particular accuracy. This is why it is so important to translate them with the same accuracy and the same linguistic "characteristics". Our team of competent translators guarantees professional and reliable translations. We are happy to translate economic and financial documents into other languages, always focusing on sector-specific accuracy and technical perfection. In the following a small selection of our economy-related language services:

  • Financial statements
  • Annual reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Income tax assessments
  • Financial documents
  • Bank documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Extracts from the companies’ register
  • Business plans
  • Brochures