Picout Übersetzungs-GmbH


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E-mail: office@picout.net

Our Translation Office

Whether it’s German, English, French, Spanish or Italian: languages are in the centre of our life. Who we are: a young team of translators and interpreters in the heart of the city of Innsbruck. Already when we were little, we became acquainted with the different use of languages. While for most of us this was at first switching between our dialect and the standard language, which consequently sparked our interest in languages in general, through the years we were able to acquire different foreign languages and to further improve our language skills through translation studies and living abroad. Our training was further perfected by specialist studies, e.g. in the areas of law, computer science or economy. Due to our in-house team of translators, we are able to establish your certified and uncertified translations directly in place. Flexible, reliable and competent – that is our motto.